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Procedure of a project


1. Input

Depending on the type of project, the input we need would be different. It would be original parts, 3D data, schematic, drawing, etc.. For example, the picture on the left is an original parts on a reproduction project.


2. Design

Based on the input you provide us, we prepare 3D data in 3D CAD software. So far, we use Rhinoceros. Once 3D data is ready, we convert it into manufacturing data for 3D printing machine.


3. Manufacturing

3D printer creates the product. The picture on the left is an example of our product on a reproduction project. Material can be ABS, PC, PMMA, PP, PA, PET, TPU, PLA, Carbon composite, Glass fiber composite, Flexible resin, Heat resistant resin (up to 225deg). 
Depending on requirement, polish and paint could be applied.


4. Validation

The product must be tested and validated by you. The test would be for fitting, thermal resistance, shock resistance, etc..

  • In case of reproduction project and if you are a wholeseller who follows the procedure above, we can make exclusivity agreement with you.

  • If original design comes from you (e.g. architecture prototype, custom motorcycle), design right should belong to you so the product will be only for you.

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