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Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Front Turn Indicator

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Front Turn Indicator

SKU: A021R

This product is a reproduction of Alfa Romeo 147 GTA front turn indicator.

Original turn indicator has been carefully investigated and all parts have been newly redesigned considering manufacturing method and meterial properties. 


The product is made of housing, reflector, inner lens and outer short, exactly the same configuration as original one.


Fitting was tested on FRP bumper made with a mold derived from original bumper. The same level of fitting as original turn indicator is achieved.


Compatible with H21W bulb just like original turn indicator.


Bulb and bulb holder are not included in the product.


This product has a tethering hook on the housing. Using a cable tie through this tethering hook and hole on the bumper allows you to adjust the fitting(shape and position of holes is not always precise). Also, this prevents the turn indicator from falling off the bumper in case of unexpected force on the turn indicator into forward direction.


Designed and manufactured in France.

Only for competition use.

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