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additive manufacturing

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Our solutions

Design & Manufacturing by additive manufacturing (3D printing)


Reproduction of car/motorcycle parts

If you're looking for parts which are no longer available, we can launch reproduction project together. Thanks to additive manufacturing, we need neither injection molding tool nor stamping tool so you don't need to worry about any risks of development.


Custom motorcycle parts

If you're a builder of custom motorcycle, you may need unique plastic parts for meter visor, fairing, windshield, etc.. We are capable of doing such type of one-off project. You can also add what we developed together in your catalogue. We will provide you developed parts whenever you need it.


Architecture prototyping

If you're an architecture designer, additive manufacturing technology will provide you a powerful solution of prototyping. You just need to provide us a 3D model, then we create a prototype in shorter delay and lower cost for you.


Tools & Jigs

Custom tools and jigs are also typical application of additive manufacturing. They have large potential to make your work easier.
Look at your workshop/factory. There must be something can be better.


And more...

Additive manufacturing can be applied to many other things like medical equipment, bicycle, packing material, furniture, etc.. If you have ideas, don't hesitate to come to us. Let's bring it into real together.

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