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LED bulb H4CE (R2 Code European)

LED bulb H4CE (R2 Code European)

SKU: A036

LED H4CE (R2) bulb for classic cars.


Adaptor is carefully designed to achieve the same position of light emissing face as original R2 bulb so this LED bulb provides clear cut-off line and respects beam pattern of optical system as much as possible.


This bulb features standard P45T metal flange. It allows this LED bulb to be compatible with any type of fixtures of R2 bulb.


Possible to adjust rotation.


In addition to improved visibility for night driving, its low energy consumption and long life time allows you to turn on the headlamp during daytime as daytime running lamp for the safety of pepople around you.


Operating voltage : 9v - 16v

Energy consumption : 26W±10%

Color temperature : 4500K

Luminous flux : 5000lm


Sold by pair (2 bulbs).

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